Craniosacral Therapy

About a year after my concussion, I went to craniosacral therapy 2-3 times a week for nearly a year. I felt that it provided relief in the short-term, but did not feel like it was healing any of my symptoms in the long-term. About six years after my concussion, craniosacral therapy was recommended to me again. It was explained to me that now that I had done Masgutova therapy and my reflexes were reintegrated (I have a different post explaining my experience with Masgutova therapy), the craniosacral therapy should have more of an impact than it did the first time around. That is exactly what I have experienced. Now, craniosacral therapy helps tremendously with my headaches, face/eye pain, neck/should/jaw pain, anxiety, and energy levels. It provides a great reset to my system if I’ve been exposed to a lot of stimuli and helps my system’s resilience to future stimuli. Just to keep in mind, different craniosacral therapists have different levels of training. It was recommended to me to see a therapist who is at least at the training level where they’re certified to do mouth work (ex. my therapist releases tension in my jaw through working on my teeth and other places in my mouth).

Was this treatment effective for you?

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