Eyeglasses from Dr. Deborah Zelinsky


My symptoms have greatly improved since starting to see Dr. Zelinsky in the summer of 2015. She uses eyeglasses to help the brain form new healthy pathways. These glasses are different from normal eyeglasses (I have, and always have had, 20/20 vision). Each pair works to heal your system for a certain period of time, until a new pair is necessary to achieve the next step of progress. I had grainy vision for three and a half years due to my concussion. The first pair of lenses I received from Dr. Zelinsky immediately fixed my grainy vision, as well as opened up my peripheral vision. I have gone through many pairs of lenses since then, and each one has gradually, yet greatly, improved my headaches, brain fog, brain fatigue, and low energy.

Was this treatment effective for you?

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