Neuropsychological Test

Two and a half years into my post-concussion syndrome, a new neurologist that I was seeing recommended that I take a neuropsych test. I tried to explain to him that I didn’t think it would be helpful, because I didn’t have any major cognitive deficiencies from the concussion. I could do most cognitive tasks fine, but engaging in these tasks would greatly increase my symptoms. Given this, throughout the test the woman administering the test kept track of how my symptoms were responding to each task. However, the final report did not take any of this into account, and as far as the administrators of the test and my neurologist were concerned, the results were completely normal (even though the test completely knocked me out afterwards and I basically just slept for the next day and half). All this to say, that for my set of symptoms, the neuropsych test did not provide any insight into my condition.

Was this treatment effective for you?

  • Tyler says:

    The neurologist-psych test helped identify previously undiagnosed ADHD (which the testing identified as low arousal ADHD) that was exacerbated by the concussion which explained the working memory not readily returning. it also helped explain the anxiety and frustration Tyler was experiencing in more concrete terms—ie his higher order language skills were compromised and his working memory in the neuro-psych test also was low. This testing happened a little after a month of his injury and offered us more specifics on what was going on with him cognitively and where his strengths remained and where his deficits were. The report was thorough and comprehensive. It at least gave us a jumping off point.

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